Working From Home Phishing Scams

Proliferation of phishing scams, aimed at people working from home, demonstrates extent to which cyber criminals systematically exploit vulnerabilities – particularly those that can be socially engineered.

With high numbers of people working from home, and the explosion over the last year in online shopping and, consequently, in deliveries made through the mail or by courier services, cyber criminals have clearly decided that there are easy pickings to be had by creating fake Royal Mail sites and sending those awaiting parcels to provide information to those sites in pursuit of, for instance, delivery delays or under-paid postal charges [Royal Mail-related phishing scams surge by 645% | IT PRO].

Employers can help combat this fraud – by training staff, and encouraging staff to share the knowledge with family and friends. Police and Action Fraud are unable to counter this very high volume of relatively low-value fraud – employers and employees have to step up to the line and tackle it.