Windows trumps Linux – gosh!

Reports yesterday that Windows (specifically Windows Server 2003) trumped Linux on security issues is no real surprise – I’ve been saying for some time that the whole anti-Microsoft thing was just a combination of hype and jealousy, and it’s gratifying that more evidence is emerging that I was right!

Of course, the fact that Microsoft funded the research will be used to try and undermine the conclusions of the report – but that’s so obviously an ad hominem argument that I’m surprised anyone gives it much house room. The only meaningful response the open source community should be trying to make is to dispute the facts: it either is, or it isn’t, true that the Microsoft platform recorded 52 vulnerabilities against the Linux installation’s 174. (174? – wow!)

Once that claim is admitted or proved wrong, there’s then a possible discussion about the comparitive seriousness of the vulnerabilities – and that’s the arena this conversation should be in. Anything else is just pandering to spin and hype – and look where that got us in Iraq.