Well, there we go…

Some chaps did a survey on the state of IT governance in Ireland – and only 11% of respondents came out OK.

Well, it was really a survey on the extent to which organizations effectively managed their software licences – put together by a firm selling tools for better licence management – and based on a random sample – but still!

But still! because, if you can’t even manage your software licenses properly, you’re not really in with a chance when it comes to slightly more scary things like: delivering the planned benefits of your latest IT project, or avoiding the impacts of the most recent mass mailing worm.

IT governance is another way of talking about boards recognising that the buck stops with them for managing intellectual assets – and I’d be surprised if even 11% of organizations worldwide could demonstrate a real awareness of what this requires.

Try it – ask any company director you know what she (or he) is doing about IT governance in their organization – anything other than an enthusiastic, detailed response might suggest that she (or he) hasn’t a clue….