Tweet Governance

If criminals can use Twitter as an attack vector, and if Facebook walls are malware magnets, what should the social media aware organisation do to protect its information resources?

Well, staff training is obviously essential – and it should take place before there’s a problem. Staff training, though, is usually part of a social media governance initiative, an overall policy and plan for identifying what, some years back, I called ‘Threat 2.0’. So, one of the best ways for organisations to start tackling social media threats – and to ensure they get genuine advantage from their use of social media – is to initiate a social media governance project. The best place to start on such a project is by getting and deploying a social media governance toolkit. As with all toolkits, the immediate benefit of using one is that it saves you from having to re-invent the wheel – you can access a comprehensive collection of policies and procedures that are based on recognised best practice and start putting them to immediate use in your own organisation.