The ransomware eco-system

Ransomware is not just a type of cyber attack – it is an entire eco-system of supply, facilitated by a legitimate economy that, inadvertently perhaps, keeps the ransomware show on the road: Inside the Ransomware Economy | SecurityWeek.Com.

The challenge for most organisations is that they are blissfully unprepared to deal with a ransomware attack and the fact that their cyber insurance policy appears to cover their exposure gives them a false sense of comfort, for as long as victims continue to pay ransoms, cyber criminals will continue to extort them.

The ONLY sensible approach is to assume that you will be attacked and to develop a genuinely resilient defence in depth – starting with technology but majoring on regular, repeated staff awareness training, simulated phishing attacks, and testing recovery and restoration processes.

In the long run, it will be way less expensive than doing nothing today and paying the ransom tomorrow – and tomorrow, and tomorrow…….