The ICO needs to act

The private sector needs to take data privacy more seriously if it is to stop the Information Commissioner’s Office getting the power to audit their information security systems without warning. According to ComputerWeekly, this is the warning from James Alexander, technology security partner at management consulting firm Deloitte.

His comments followed Deloitte’s finding that only 54% of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) firms will tell customers if their data privacy is breached.

Well, I take the contrary view here. What we NEED is for the ICO to take some action, because the the voluntary approach doesn’t work – just look at how organizations in both the private and public sectors are dragging their feet over PCI DSS compliance! The privacy of individual data requires more stick.

As ample proof, one need only look to the latest cases of lost MoD laptops and Carphone Warehouse’s recent misdeeds.

I rest my case!