SOX webinar

ISO 27001 is of course an ideal solution to businesses that need to ensure they comply with Sarbanes Oxley IT control requirements. I’ll be doing a webinar on 25 January in collaboration with Compliance Online to discuss precisely how the standard draws together CobiT, ITIL and ISO 17799 to create the necessary multi-layered solution. Topics to be covered will include:

* Current and future governance and compliance requirements
* The role of enterprise risk management
* Linkages and similarities between state, national and international regulations
* Why the traditional approach to regulatory compliance no longer works
* Business risks arising from legal contradictions, overlaps and loopholes
* Scale and impact on corporate brand, market position and share value of regulatory failure
* Key governance requirements of directors
* Role of best practice frameworks Linkage between compliance requirements and best practice frameworks
* Background and history of CobiT, ITIL and ISO 17799 – similarities and differences
* Importance of the CobiT/ITIL/ISO17799 joint framework
* Benefits of deploying this best practice framework
* Critical success factors in deploying this framework

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