SMBs lag on security

Confirmation from PriceWaterhouseCoopers that small and medium-sized firms are underinvesting in IT security and suffering for it. PWC calls the difference in preparedness between large and smaller companies ‘a tale of two cities’, which seems pretty apt. As they say, too many SMBs are unaware of ISO 27001 and other measures that would provide vital help.

It’s all very well Alun Michael MP observing that low awareness is a problem, but what will the Government do to help change this? Not a lot, I fear, with it firefighting issues like NHS budgets, prison scandals, ministerial affairs and ‘cash for coronets’ – critical issues like ISMS just won’t receive the backing they need.

Instead, it will be up to the business community to resolve the issue itself, hence our work to produce books like A Business Guide to Information Security and our ISO 27001 Toolkit, both of which were created with SMBs very much in mind.