Quick study disaster recovery guide

One of the most worrying things I encounter time and again is how seldom growing businesses have proper disaster recovery plans in place. Statistically, few businesses that suffer a major data loss or business interruption survive for more than a year afterwards, and small businesses are the most vulnerable as they simply don´t have the resources to bounce back.

The issue for business owners, and also senior executives from larger enterprises, is usually a lack of time to learn about the subject from scratch. People know it is important, but as they don´t know where to start they procrastinate – which is fine until one morning their business is on the line.

I´m pleased to say that we have just launched a new book that I really believe could come to the rescue of such companies. ‘Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity’ is written specifically as a quick guide for small businesses and time poor executives who need to master the key facts in a hurry. It summarises best practice in a clear and jargon-free manner, meaning that readers can quickly get the right measures implemented in their own business.

Each of its 16 chapters is written in a Question & Answer format with real world examples providing helpful illustration throughout. Further resources are provided in the appendices, including templates, checklists and information on training. The book’s contents are applicable to organisations based anywhere in the world.

The book is priced at just £29.95/US$59.25/€44.52 and is available online here and in leading bookshops. It is considerably cheaper than a full scale business interruption, so there can be no excuses for not getting your house in order at last!