Piecemeal IT governance

Following the launch of our end-to-end IT Governance Framework, here’s a news item that underlines why it is necessary. Mercury Interactive, which develops governance packages, has done research that shows that only 2 percent of businesses are rolling out IT governance across the organisation. OK – good statistic, and doubtless the budgetary constraints that Mercury complains of are factors here. However, I don’t agree that the answer is necessarily just to shovel more of the IT budget into the open pockets of ‘catch-all’ vendors.

The reality is the IT governance is too complex and multifaceted for one or even a couple of smart vendors to be able to solve, no matter how much cash you give them. Instead, companies should look to understand how the various best practice tools already out there can be made to work more in synch with each other and with corporate strategy. That is what our IT Governance Framework is there for – and it’s free.