Most CEOs and CIOs don’t communicate with one another…

…so is it surprising that IT projects so often fail to deliver business benefits and that IT security is so often a business blocker rather than an enabler?

CBR (Nov 04) published survey results showing that 70% of IT directors (across 15 European countries) see poor communication channels as the “source of IT misalignment” – and apparently only 20% of them feel that their departments provide their organisations with any competitive advantage!

62% of CIOs believe that changes in business objectives are communicated so slowly that the IT department can’t respond properly – not that surprising, when you consider that “in almost one out of three cases, IT teams are divorced from the seat of business strategy and are not represented on the board.”

Information and ICT are just too important to the competiveness of businesses today for this to be a sensible approach – if CEO’s don’t get it, their boards should be thinking about replacing them, sooner rather than later.