Mobile Security Governance?

While I’m probably more interested in governance than the average person, I do sometimes worry that contextualising information and compliance challenges as governance issues can delay organisations from taking the obvious, common-sense action.

This intelligent article on mobile security governance, for instance, identifies all the steps that organisations should take in considering risks to data posed by the mobile network. See how far you have to read through it before you find guidance to apply encryption to key mobile devices – all laptops and any USB sticks or PDAs that carry sensitive information. The sensible approach is to first apply encryption, which deals with the largest number of mobile device-related risks while keeping you within regulatory requirements, and then to stop and consider what other risks might need mitigation.

You don’t want to have to tell 1,000s or millions of customers or members of staff why someone leaving a laptop at the busstop has exposed all their personal details to fraud and identity theft. Explaining that you were considering the range of risks before deciding what action to take is likely to elicit the same sort of response as a UK MP explaining that their inappropriate expense claims were ‘within the rules’.