King III

THE KING CODE OF GOVERNANCE PRINCIPLES (known as KING 3 or KING III) is still (in my opinion) the most advanced and useful of the world’s corporate governance codes. I’m a particular admirer of the fact that the King Committee included coverage of IT Governance in the Code, identified frameworks such as CObIT and the international standard ISO/IEC 38500 as providing useful starting points, and set out seven specific IT governance principles for company directors to follow.

I obviously agree with the King Committee that there is no ‘one size suits all’ approach to IT governance, and that every organisation has to develop its own approach to the subject, extracting those elements that will be useful to it from the existing frameworks and standards. That, after all, is the one of the driving thoughts behind the Calder-Moir framework – that, and the belief that one should be able to intelligently draw simultaneously on more than one framework. I’ve been particularly encouraged by the number of South African companies that have turned to our IT Governance Framework Toolkit to help them implement IT governance in their organisations.