IT Governance Training Passports

To help Human Resources and Training Managers get the most from their budgets we have introduced our new IT Governance Training Passports. In a single purchase, these allow organisations to acquire any combination of IT training, tools and support services from the most comprehensive one-stop shop on the Web. Discounts are offered on all chosen items, whether used immediately or at a future date, making them ideal for public and private sector organisations needing to purchase training ahead of their annual budget deadlines.

Training Passports are offered in three grades: Bronze (£5,000 + VAT), Silver (£10,000 + VAT) and Gold (£15,000 + VAT). Through IT Governance’s Training Gateway, Training Passport holders can access the Web’s widest range of accredited, professional IT training, which is available across the UK, and receive discounts of up to 30 percent:

* On every classroom course, including Basel II, BCM & BS25999, CISA, Cisco, CISM, CISSP, EC Ethical Hacking, HDI, ISO20000, ISO27001, ITILv2, ITILv3, ITIL bridging, Microsoft, MoR, MSP, Prince2 and Sarbanes Oxley.
* On every distance or e-learning course.
* On every exam guide, subject manual or other training material.

All bookings are made through IT Governance’s friendly and efficient team of training consultants, who can advise on how to get the maximum benefit from a Training Passport. Furthermore, these consultants can advise of additional late-booking discounts that IT Governance is often able to negotiate with training suppliers.

These discounts and the variety of options available allow HR and Training Managers to get the maximum value from their existing budgets. As purchasers receive just a single invoice for multiple courses and products, rather than needing internal expenditure approvals for each, this also saves significant administrative time and effort.

Although Training Passports enable courses to be purchased in advance, they offer flexibility, since delegates’ details need only be finalised at a later stage once the ideal course and location have been chosen. They also assure organisations of the most up-to-date training, as each Passport remains valid for all courses and products offered by IT Governance until it has been fully used.