In troubled times

In troubled times – when faced with socio-economic uncertainty or political instability – organisations tend to pull in their horns, cut expenditure and save for the whatever the future holds.

Cyber criminals love troubled times, because they know that organisations also pull back on security expenses, which makes them more vulnerable.

And neither shareholders nor regulators are going to accept ‘worries about the economy’ as a justification for allowing a data breach to happen.

In this environment, the only sensible approach is for organisations to double down on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and cyber security investment, take extra precautions around data security and privacy, ensure that cyber incident response and resilience capabilities are strengthened and that staff awareness is heightened.

Yes, of course we have services that are designed to help in these areas, but whether you turn to us or not, my key message is still: don’t get caught with your defences down. The lessons to be learned from AMCA’s (American Medical Collections Agency) bankruptcy are painful.