House of Lords re-opens inquiry

I read in ComputerWeekly that the House of Lords Science & Technology Committee is to re-open its inquiry into e-crime and the security of personal data, apparently due to the Government’s “vacuous, idle and irrelevant” response to its initial recommendations.

I am dismayed that, after what was a well considered report, so little has been done by this Government. It is at least a little heartening that their Lordships are not mincing their words about their disapproval. Perhaps this time we may see a little more action as a result? – I wonder. Time will tell, but one would think that the spate of data loss disasters, most notably the HMRC lost discs fiasco, would give the Government ample incentive to finally stop sitting on its hands.

As I wrote at the time of the Committee’s first report, ISO27001 needs to lie at the heart of the Government’s response to this challenge. It is high time that our our political leaders put their money where their mouths are and made the Standard compulsory across all departments.