Green Tech

While Forrester’s recent report says that Green IT initiatives persist, in spite of budget cut backs and other challenges facing IT teams today, the reality is more likely to be that savvy IT leaders recognise that Green IT initiatives can make a substantial contribution to reducing the direct cost of running the IT infrastructure.

Gary Hird, for instance, has led the John Lewis Partnership’s Green IT strategy for some time and he talks about JLP went about this in Green IT in Practice, now in its second edition.  It’s a fascinating and practical description of how one large retail organisation set about driving down its IT costs, reducing its carbon footprint and meeting customer requirements.

Other writers have also addressed these issues: George Spafford focused on the Governance of Green IT, which has a particular focus on managing energy consumption. The recent emergence of EN16001 should give a boost to those looking for a structured approach to energy management.

There is lots of information, advice – and case studies – available for organisations that want to tackle Green IT.

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