Getting started with IT Governance

IT Governance, as Jason Cole points out, is more than project management, more than regulatory compliance, more than CobiT or ITIL or ISO 27001.

It’s also somewhat more than his article suggests. There are three books that tackle this subject, a Weill and Ross book (How Top Performers Manage IT for Superior Results) from Harvard Business Press, a compact and concise guide for Directors (IT Governance: Guidelines for Directors) and IT Governance Today: a Practitioner’s Handbook.

Even more usefully, there is a new framework that pulls together all components of IT governance (the Calder-Moir IT Governance Framework) and the related IT Governance Framework – Toolkit that is designed to help organizations of all sizes make a start with tackling IT governance at their own pace and in their own way – and at a cost somewhat less than is likely to be extracted by a substantial consultancy provider.

With all these resources so easily available, there’s no need for anyone to wonder what IT governance actually is, or to work out how to get started with realising the real business benefits of implementing an IT governance framework.