FSA mandates IT governance

The FSA Full Handbook quite clearly sets out the requirement for its 29,000 regulated firms to implement an IT governance framework. I quote:

SYSC 3A.7.5
IT systems
IT systems include the computer systems and infrastructure required for the automation of processes, such as application and operating system software; network infrastructure; and desktop, server, and mainframe hardware. Automation may reduce a firm’s exposure to some ‘people risks’ (including by reducing human errors or controlling access rights to enable segregation of duties), but will increase its dependency on the reliability of its IT systems.
SYSC 3A.7.6
A firm should establish and maintain appropriate systems and controls for the management of its IT system risks, having regard to:
(1) its organisation and reporting structure for technology operations (including the adequacy of senior management oversight);
(2) the extent to which technology requirements are addressed in its business strategy;
(3) the appropriateness of its systems acquisition, development and maintenance activities (including the allocation of responsibilities between IT development and operational areas, processes for embedding security requirements into systems); and
(4) the appropriateness of its activities supporting the operation of IT systems (including the allocation of responsibilities between business and technology areas).