Firefox still feels the spin!

The Firefox spin is getting slightly more desperate. In a story about the security holes in Firefox, Mozilla’s director of engineering is described as arguing that the feedback they get from their user community – and which helps them identify flaws – proves that security isn’t an afterthought.

Forgive my slowness but, if security was a pre-thought in Firefox, why would they need the feedback? Either they did think about it, and did it badly – which is quite scary if you’re a Firefox user – or they didn’t think about it. And if they need the feedback to identify the holes they failed to identify in the first place, why do they pretend they’re different from the other lot – who they accuse of treating security as an afterthought? I wonder if they know how to use the words pot, kettle and black in a meaningful sentence?

The other lot at least have a systematic, reliable method of patching the holes once they’re discovered.