Cyber security becoming mainstream

Stories in four mainstream publications, in just the last two days, each dealing with cyber security, suggest that the issue is finally becoming visible to business leaders.

The London Times, yesterday, had an article on cyber threats to UK drone companies (; today’s Sunday Times, in a front page article on Britain’s trading relationship with China, talks about the dangers posed by Chinese state-sponsored hackers; this week’s Economist has an article (Cyber-security: To The Barricades) describing how “America and Europe are trying to bolster their cyber-defences”‘ and the latest Fortune Magazine (Europe edition, March 11) has a security article titled “Who are the hackers”, which profiles six different hacker categories, their objectives, motives, signature attacks and classic examples.

I would like to think the fact that serious journalists are now covering these issues means that they believe the subject is worthy of attention by a broad, non-technical audience – because it certainly is!