Chinese Cyberwarfare

A number of press articles over the last few days have referred, either directly or obliquely, to state-sponsored cyber-security threats, and pointed fingers variously at Russia, Iran, North Korea, the USA and China. China gets most coverage. If you’re in the world of cyber-security, or just interested in finding out more about the background to this growing press story, THE book to read is Bill Hagestad’s book 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare.

Bill’s book describes how China’s military doctrines identify five theatres in which to wage war: the traditional land, sea and air, plus space – and then adds cyberspace. China sees warfare as a way of advancing politics by other means (not dissimilar to a von Clausewitz dictum) but its approach to warfare is grounded in the lessons of Sun Tzu and medieval Warring States period of China, as much as it is in the experiences of Mao and the Long March.  Bill argues that, without understanding this cultural background, and without appreciating the extent to which politics, military and commerce are interwoven in China (and allied with potent nationalism) it is extremely difficult to fully understand the nature and extent of the Chinese cyberthreat.

Bill provides ongoing inforamtion about Chinese cyberwarfare through his website at Red Dragon Rising.  His book,  21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare, can be purchased through most specialist bookshops and, of course, through all IT Governance websites.