Business Continuity for Small Firms

‘Nearly 1in 5 businesses suffer a major disruption every year – and only 28% of them had any form of continuity plan’ – reports Adam Bernstein who continues, in Business Continuity: the small firm view, to provide good, sound advice to small firms on how they should plan and prepare for their own business continuity challenge.

There are two additional things you should do: the first is to right down all the steps that you’ve worked out, together with contact details and critical information like bank contacts, insurance policy numbers and so on, and the second is to keep a copy of the business continuity plan somewhere away from your business, where you can access it when you need it but where it won’t be compromised if your office is not accessible.

The best place to write this stuff down is in a business continuity plan – and the inexpensive Business Continuity Toolkit (just £27.95) that you can download from our website is just the tool for that.