Business Continuity demands more than technology

Wise words on the topic of business continuity on ComputerWeekly’s website this week. The Business Continuity Institute’s Bill Crichton has stressed that continuity cannot simply be delivered by investing in the right piece of recovery kit. What is required is a far more all-embracing approach that involves policies, procedures and training, just as much as technology.

As I have written before, people often procrastinate over DR/BC measures because they don’t know where to start. The idea of a ‘fix-all’ recovery system may seem deceptively alluring. However, what is much more relevant is a good overview of the disaster landscape and a starter set of checklists, all of which is contained in our recently published book ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery’, which is already proving very popular. This in turn equips the reader with the knowledge to decide which technology investments may genuinely help their continuity planning.